Kale Tastic


Sweet Pomegranate juice! Add it to your daily routine and drink 500ml everyday and it will replace breakfast and keep you going all day long. Our juices are cold pressed with a 5 days self-life in the fridge. Keep the juice refrigerated, our bottles are recyclable.

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  • Kale,
  • Gala Apple,
  • Pineapple,
  • Cucumber,
  • Giner,
  • Lemon.

Juice info:

  • Options: By Bottle or Cleanse,
  • Volume: 500ml,
  • Shelf-life: 5 days (fridge); up to 25 days (freezer),
  • Method: Cold Press,
  • Storage: Keep refrigerated,
  • Recycle: All bottles are recyclable.


  • Place the juice(s) in the fridge or freezer upon arrival,
  • If stored in the freezer, Place a bottle in the fridge 24h prior consumption,
  • Drink one bottle every day on an empty stomach (morning).


  • Drink your juice at room temperature for better results,
  • May need a gentle shake before drinking,
  • Separation is natural,
  • All bottles are recyclable.


Our juices are cold pressed on the day before delivery and kept in the fridge or freezer before shipping.
We use insulated shipping boxes to keep optimum freshness.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 150 mm

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