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  • Mint,
  • Celery,
  • Pineapple,
  • Granny Smith Apple,
  • Lime.

Juice info:

  • Options: By Bottle or Cleanse,
  • Volume: 500ml,
  • Shelf-life: 5 days (fridge); up to 25 days (freezer),
  • Method: Cold Press,
  • Storage: Keep refrigerated,
  • Recycle: All bottles are recyclable.


  • Place the juice(s) in the fridge or freezer upon arrival,
  • If stored in the freezer, Place a bottle in the fridge 24h prior consumption,
  • Drink one bottle every day on an empty stomach (morning).


  • Drink your juice at room temperature for better results,
  • May need a gentle shake before drinking,
  • Separation is natural,
  • All bottles are recyclable.


Our juices are cold pressed on the day before delivery and kept in the fridge or freezer before shipping.
We use insulated shipping boxes to keep optimum freshness.

Greens Juice

Of Our product

Minty Celery Juice

Minty Celery is our New 2021 detox, refreshing healthy juice! Add it to your daily routine and drink 500ml everyday and don’t crave for your usual sugary pop. Our juices are cold pressed with a 5 days self-life in the fridge. Keep the juice refrigerated, our bottles are recyclable.

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Our fresh Cold Pressed juices are only for UK mainland delivery, as they are freshly made to order.
10% discount on weekly subscription order, minimum 2 weeks.

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Weight 1524 g
Dimensions 250 × 240 × 190 mm














Slim Down & Get Cleansed

With our new recipes delivered to you.

Our Menu will help you stay healthy and enjoy your weekly cleanse.

The Benefits of Green Juices

Green juices help your body detox and get all the vitamins,
here are the most popular benefits.
Green juice alkalises your Body
Your body’s pH needs to have the right balance. It can’t be too acidic; It can’t be too alkaline. It needs to be just right, between 7.35 and 7.45 pH.
Your body has a natural buffer systems that keeps it within the ideal pH range. When you drink alcohol or consume processed foods it can cause your body to become more acidic.
In response, your body has to pull buffering minerals from elsewhere in the body to maintain your pH. Green vegetables helps maintain alkalinity, and the easiest way to do so is to drink a green juice every day.
Green juice all-day energy
While some caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee are perfectly healthy in moderation, they aren’t a remedy for the real reason you are tired.
An estimated 9 out of 10 people are lacking in key vitamins and minerals. When your body is starved of nutrients, it simply won’t work the way it should, leaving you feeling fatigued.
Green juices are the perfect remedy. They provide a near-instant lift in energy and unlike caffeine or synthetic stimulants, there’s no late-afternoon crash.
Green Juices improves a healthy gut
Your gut is the foundation of health. It can be the difference between depression and happiness. It affects nearly every aspect of your health, that’s why it’s critical to take steps to ensure your gut is healthy, and drinking green juice supports gut health.
Green juices contain digestive enzymes and prebiotics, some higher quality green juices even contain probiotics, good bacteria that are recognised for supporting gut health.
Green juices enhances detoxification
Your body is constantly exposed to toxins. They can be found in drinking water, household furniture, food, and the air you breathe. All these toxins put a huge strain on your liver.
Green juices help because many of the ingredients can support a healthy liver. This means your liver will be more efficient at quickly getting toxins out of your body.
Drinking a green juice every day, can give your liver a fighting chance against all the toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis.
Bioavailable Nutrients
You may be wondering if you’re covered with a multivitamin. The sad truth is, most multivitamins are cooked up in a lab using harsh chemicals and solvents. These “nutrients” are little more than artificial vitamins which aren’t absorbed well.
Green juices, on the other hand, contain natural vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form. With nutritional co-factors and enzymes intact, they are easily absorbed. Your body simply gets more out of a green juice than it does a standard, run-of-the-mill multivitamin.


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