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  • Orange,
  • Ginger,
  • Lemon,
  • Add-on: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)(option).

Juice info:

  • Bottles: By 3,5,7,
  • Volume: 125ml,
  • Shelf-life: 5 days (fridge); up to 25 days (freezer),
  • Method: Cold Press,
  • Storage: Keep refrigerated,
  • Recycle: All bottles are recyclable.


  • Place the juice(s) in the fridge or freezer upon arrival,
  • If stored in the freezer, Place a bottle in the fridge 24h prior consumption,
  • Drink one bottle every day on an empty stomach (morning).


  • Drink your juice at room temperature for better results,
  • May need a gentle shake before drinking,
  • Separation is natural,
  • All bottles are recyclable.


Our juices are cold pressed on the day before delivery and kept in the fridge or freezer before shipping.
We use insulated shipping boxes to keep optimum freshness.

Cleanses Juice

Of Our product

Orange Ginger Weekly Cleanse Juice

The power of ginger to burn fat on a daily basis! Add it to your daily routine and drink 125ml everyday for uo to 14 days straight for optimum benefits. Our juices are cold pressed with a 5 days self-life in the fridge. Keep the juice refrigerated, our bottles are recyclable.


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10% discount on weekly subscription order, minimum 2 weeks.

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Weight 508 g
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 190 mm














Slim Down & Get Cleansed

With our new recipes delivered to you.

Our Menu will help you stay healthy and enjoy your weekly cleanse.

The Benefits of Cleanse Juices

Cleanse juices offer a lot of benefits daily,
here are the most popular ones.
Eat 3kg of fruits and veg a day
That’s right, by juicing your vegetables and fruits, you are able to consume a larger amount of them at once. For those that are having a struggle meeting the recommended 4–6 servings a day this is a great benefit.
A beautiful benefit of starting with a small-scale juice cleanse, say three days, it helps towards off the control junk food holds over you. It helps to break the cycle and reset your stomach, making those urges a little easier to fight.
Absorb Nutrients Faster
Many avid juices drinkers argue that by solely consuming fruits and veggies your intestines do not have to work as hard to break down multiple types of nutrients. In fact, there is hardly anything to break down, so most of the nutrients are easily and readily absorbed. This is great considering 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables.
A juice cleanse is an easy and great way to jump start a diet. Naturally low in calories, yet still delivering concentrated healing and beneficial nutrients, it supplies the body with everything it needs while helping to shed it of water weight, and in some cases, fat.
Give Your Liver a Rest
The liver’s function in the body is to detoxify – in fact, it’s our main machine. Every single thing that passes through our mouth passes through our liver for a detoxification before it can enter the rest of the body. By doing an juice cleanse, you give the liver a little less to process. Which is practically the equivalent of giving it a night off.
Healthy Weight Loss
When replacing processed foods, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and processed sugars, fast food, dairy, meat and alcohol by fresh cold pressed juices, you will naturally lose weight.
A juice cleanse is also naturally lower in calories, and a reduction of caloric intake can lead to weight loss whilst still providing the body with all the nutrients and hydration it requires.
Part of the weight loss on a juice cleanse is water retention. However a cleanse is also a powerful way to kickstart new, sustainable lifestyle choices to impact ongoing weight reduction. A juice cleanse also will reduce your appetite and help to release food cravings, particularly cravings of comfort food, such as foods high in sodium, sugar and fat. Juice cleanses can be a powerful gateway to a more balanced diet and a sustainable, healthier body.
Diversify Your Diet
By drinking juices, not only are you able to consume more fruits and vegetables, you are also able to add more to your diet that you wouldn’t normally eat. It’s recommended to add a rainbow of produce to diversify your benefits. It is much easier to hide the taste of your least favorite with other flavours in a juice than on a plate.
Drinking solely juice will give you energy. After your body adjusts, you will feel more clarity and have more energy. Some feel so much better that they never even miss their daily coffee; These are just a few of the many benefits of a juice cleanse.
Rehydrate Your Body
Most people do not drink enough water, with other more inadequate beverages, like coffee and soda, being their main fluid intakes. By partaking in a juice cleanse, the amount of adequate beverages you drink helps your body out in many ways. It helps to ensure your body is working more efficiently, flushes your system and often increases your alertness. No more afternoon crash.
When you juice a variety of fruits and vegetables, you’re able to diversify the nutrients your body receives. Leafy green vegetables are high in magnesium, a relaxing mineral that has a mellowing effect that can help improve sleep quality. That’s not all magnesium does either. Magnesium and vitamin C help towards of the stress hormone cortisol.


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